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Our YouTube Channel

"That Balloon Show," the vibrant and exciting evolution of what was once Q Corner, hosted by the dynamic duo, Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy, straight from the United Kingdom.

🎈 "That Balloon Show" is where the art of balloon creativity takes centre stage! Join us as we continue to offer live-streamed episodes packed with a spectrum of engaging content. Our shows range from 30 minutes to an hour, perfect for fitting into your busy schedule.

"That Balloon Show" is proud to build upon the legacy of hosting the largest virtual balloon convention in history - The Q Corner Convention. Expect more groundbreaking events, bringing together balloon enthusiasts from around the globe.

Whether you're a seasoned balloon professional or just starting out, "That Balloon Show" is your go-to source for inspiration, education, and entertainment in the world of balloons.

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Our YouTube Channel
  • That Balloon Show: Kalisan balloon columns

    That Balloon Show goes Multi-Brand! We can officially announce that our channel is now multi-brand when it comes to balloons. To kick it off we will be creating two styles of balloon columns using Mirror & Macaron colour balloons from Kalisan!

  • That Balloon Show: Electric Starbursts in the Studio!

    Electric Starbursts are in the studio!

  • That Balloon Show: The all NEW Lagenda Ultra in the workshop!

  • That Balloon Show: Prima Foils have arrived in the UK! Gold Star Points

    On this episode of That Balloon Show! Prima Foil Balloons have arrived in the UK. Keith & Dom are in the workshop with a cute but simple design using gold Star Point balloons and the 18" Hello Baby in black and gold.

  • That Balloon Show: Back from the Big Balloon Build - Indiana!

  • That Balloon Show: Back from FLOAT & Getting ready for a Big Balloon Build!

    The boys are back from FLOAT in Chicago but they don't have long before they hit the road once more! Next they are heading off to the Big Balloon Build in South Bend, Indiana!

  • That Balloon Show: Dual-Air II inflator, Super Hero?

    On this episode of That Balloon Show! Keith & Dom check out the Dual-Air II balloon inflator from PremiumConwin. They demonstrates it's features and compare it to the MicroAir.

    #ThatBalloonShow #PrimaBalloons #Innovation #BalloonArt

  • That Balloon Show: Introducing Prima Balloons!

    Join us on "That Balloon Show" as we introduce Prima Balloons by PremiumConwin, the latest innovation set to revolutionise the balloon industry. We'll showcase everything from durable latex balloons available in 63 colours, dual texture foils, to unique 'Sphere' balloons, live on the show.


  • That Balloon Show: Massive Announcement for the UK!

    Join us for a very exciting announcement for the UK and what it means to us and to you! We will also be showcasing two battery powered balloon inflators, ideal for entertainers and small balloons.

    Join our community:

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  • That Balloon Show: Balloon Inflation Battle: Twin Air Sizer vs. Precision Air

    In this intriguing episode of "That Balloon Show," we put two top-notch balloon inflators head-to-head: the Twin Air Sizer V2 and the Precision Air V6, both from PremiumConwin. If you're a balloon professional, shop owner, or decorator, this comparison is tailor-made for you!

    🎈 Twin Air Sizer V2...

  • That Balloon Show: The Big Balloon Build London - Review

    The recent Big Balloon Build London was a feast for the eyes, and we've got all the highlights! Dive into "That Balloon Show's" latest episode for an exclusive look-back. Enjoy the funniest moments from "That Diary Camera," a dynamic slideshow of builder submissions, and a 360 virtual tour giving...

  • That Balloon Show: The Big Balloon Build London - A Spectacle of Wonder

    Join us on a breathtaking journey in our latest episode, "The Big Balloon Build London - A Spectacle of Wonder."

    Witness over 125,000 balloons transform London's iconic landscapes into a magical winter wonderland. With enchanting elf villages, life-size reindeer, and Santa soaring across the sky...

  • That Balloon Show - First Episode & we have some BIG NEWS!

    Join us for the thrilling inaugural episode of "That Balloon Show"! We're not just launching a new era of balloon fun - we're also revealing not one, but TWO big announcements that will take our channel to new heights!

    In this episode:

    πŸš€ Big Reveals: Stay tuned as we unveil major news that will...

  • The Very Last Q Corner: Reflecting on Our Journey - Past, Present, and Future

    🎈🌟 Join us for a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to an incredible chapter of balloon artistry! It's the very last episode of Q Corner, and we're inviting you to reminisce with us about the unforgettable journey we've embarked upon since our first show on January 24th, 2018.

    In this special...

  • Holiday Magic: Building a Christmas Balloon Wreath - Q Corner Showtime LIVE!

    Get ready for a festive extravaganza on this special episode of Q Corner Showtime LIVE! Join hosts Keith and Dom as they demonstrate how to build a stunning jumbo Christmas wreath using mainly Qualatex QuickLink balloons. This isn't just a wreath, it's a holiday showstopper that will bring smiles...

  • Q Corner Showtime LIVE!: Organic Balloon Garland with Wild Berry & Chartreuse

    Brace yourself for a burst of colour and a dose of trendsetting balloon artistry! Join us for an exclusive episode of Q Corner Showtime LIVE!, where Keith and Dominic unveil a captivating organic-style balloon garland using the ever-popular Wild Berry and the hottest new Qualatex colour sensation...

  • Q Corner Showtime LIVE!: A Balloon World Update - Chapter 11

    Join us for a special episode of Q Corner Showtime LIVE! as your hosts Keith and Dom dive into the latest news from Pioneer Balloon Company's Chapter 11 developments. We'll explore what this means for the balloon industry and the incredible support pouring in from Qualatex Balloon users worldwide...

  • In the Spotlight! Time to Talk with Chris Adamo - Q Corner Showtime LIVE!

    Join your favourite hosts, Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy, for another cracking episode of Q Corner Showtime LIVE! This week, we're dialling all the way down under to Sydney, Australia, to catch up with none other than Chris Adamo, the 'Father of Organic Balloon DΓ©cor' and one of Australia's l...

  • Spooky Delights: Giant Balloon Spider Design with Keith & Dom

    Brace yourself for an electrifying episode of Q Corner Showtime LIVE! Join the dynamic duo, Keith and Dom, as they bring a monstrous twist to the art of balloonistry.
    πŸ“ Download all the Extras for this Episode here: https://www.qcorner.app/files/season:10
    This time, they're unraveling the secrets...

  • Blowing Up Success with Colin Stewart - Q Corner Showtime LIVE!

    In the forthcoming episode of Q Corner - Showtime LIVE!, join the dynamic duo of Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy as they share the stage with balloon industry veteran, Colin Stewart. Tune in as we delve into the intricacies of balloon artistry and business acumen from a man with over three deca...

  • Oh Jackie! Time to Talk with Jackie O - Q Corner Showtime LIVE! S03E14

    Prepare for a whirlwind of wonder on the next exhilarating episode of Q Corner - Showtime LIVE! Our charismatic hosts, Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy, navigate you through the magical realm of balloon artistry with none other than the globally acclaimed Jackie O!

    Launching her career in 2010 ...

  • Organic Balloon Hoops part 2 - Q Corner Showtime

    The wait is over! Welcome to part two of the captivating two-part video series on our Q Corner YouTube channel. Join the renowned balloon artists, Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy, as they unveil the secrets behind crafting awe-inspiring larger-sized organic-style balloon hoops.

    In this highly...

  • Organic Balloon Hoops part 1 - Q Corner Showtime LIVE!

    Get ready for part one of an epic two-part video series on our Q Corner YouTube channel! Join balloon artists extraordinaire, Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy, as they reveal their secrets to creating stunning organic-style balloon hoops.

    In this first instalment, the Boys of Q Corner will guid...